The UUCWNC Church Member Directory is a  ‘Congregation Members Only’ secure online church directory.

To request your user name and/or your password, please complete and submit the form below.

Member Directory - Request User Name & Password Form

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    Your request will be reviewed, and once approved, you will receive an email with your LOG-IN instructions. Note: this may take 5 - 10 business days.
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Once your request is approved, the office will send, within 5-10 business days,  an automated email with LOG-IN guidance.

Keep an eye out for an email similar to the one below with this Subject Line:

Subject: Your IconCMO Log-in Information from UU Congregation of Wilmington

Dear [Your First Name],

You’ve been given online access to your family information that your church,
UU Congregation of Wilmington, maintains.

Here are the log-in credentials that you’ll need:

  • Phone Number: 9103926454 [always enter this Church phone number to login]
  • Username: [your unique username]
  • Password – this still needs to be set; continue reading.

To set your password, click the following link:…….

(This link will expire in 48 hours. If you need another link, please click
the ‘Forgot your password?’ link on the login page linked below.)

Once you have your password, you can log in to IconCMO by clicking the large
log-in button at with the church phone number
of 9103926454 and a username of [your unique username] and the password you just

UU Congregation of Wilmington

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