Settled Minister Search and Discovery Misson

The UUCWNC’s Board of Trustees is committed to building a strong Settled Minister Search Team (SMST) with diverse life experiences and heart-felt connections to our congregation. We welcome and appreciate all your suggestions and guidance. If you would like to speak to a board member, please email with your contact information and we will follow up with you asap.

Note: Deadline for Nominations and Applications for the SMST is Feb. 20, 2023

Note: Planned Special Meeting to vote-in the Minister Search Selection Team is March 26, 2023 at 12 noon.

Result: On March 26, 2023, a quorum of congregation members voted unanimously to elect the slate of candidates who were nominated by the Congregation, and then selected by the Board, to serve on the Settled Minister Search Team. Team members are:

  • Stephen Axhelm
  • Thea Hagepagnos
  • Bob Harootyan
  • Sara Jarvis
  • Elizabeth MacLeod
  • Cornelia Maxted
  • Dan Wheat-Rivers

Settled Minister Search Team Timeline

Summer 2023 to Spring 2024

Mid-June to August 1–2 day retreat with programming led by UUA staff or volunteer
August through October Meeting weekly or 2-3 times each month for planning and discussion (8 hours each month), administering the survey and holding cottage meetings/focus groups (15 hours each month)
November: Assessing survey and cottage meeting findings, writing the congregational record:(30 hours)
December: It’s possible to take the whole month off!
January: First three weeks are extremely busy with initial evaluation of applicants: read each ministerial record, review applicants’ websites, decide whom to interview, conduct interviews and reference checks, narrow list of applicants down to 3 pre-candidates (40 hours)
February-March: Three pretty full weekends of your team’s choice in a seven-week period with pre-candidates (interviews, social time, a tour of the church building, and seeing ministers preach in other congregations)
Last week of March: Final discussions and rankings of pre-candidates before offer date: 5 hours
April -May If the team does not find a match by the first offer date, a chance to evaluate new applicants and one pre-candidate happens in April-May (20 hours plus a weekend)
Early April: Planning for candidate week: 10 hours
Late April (or May-June for a second-round match): Candidate week activities do not need to be planned or attended by all search team members, though search team coordination and some presence is expected (15 hours)