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General Submission Guidelines:

Please submit all items to:  by Wednesday at 5 p.m. to appear in the next day’s Weekly Digest Thursday edition. 

Brevity, clarity and kindness are greatly appreciated.


  • Your contact information: name, email and phone
  • Event description: who, what, why, plus hyperlinks to further information (if any). 
  • Length: text should be brief, less than 1/2 page
  • How to Submit: send via email as text, not as an attachment, to: 

Do’s and Don’t’s: 

  • Do not send any attachments or photos.
  • Do mention if there is an admission fee for an event.
  • For recurring dates, please resend the article each week you wish it to appear.
  • Do specify if a group will be closed to drop-in attendance after the group has started. 
  • Links to external websites are okay, as are links to UUA related websites.
  • May not contain political content or any questionable information.

Approval Process:  

  • If your item contains errors it will be sent back to you to correct.
  • Final decisions about which items to include are made by the church program staff and church office staff. Items may be edited for space and clarity.
  • Once approved, your post will be added to the UU Digest for the upcoming week. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your submission, reach out to the church office at with any questions. You may also call the church office at 910.392.6454.