Giving Donations


Your Pledge sustains us. 

A pledge is your promise to make a regular contribution to our church. Pledges are important because they show that we will have the funds needed to support our church for the next fiscal year. Pledges keep the roof over our heads, pay the staff, and maintain our place of worship.

Each pledge, whether small or large, is  sincerely valued, and sustains us. Your contribution ensures the strength and longevity of our church programs. It also enables our congregation to be a voice for progressive values and a beacon for social justice in our community.

To ‘Make Your Pledge’ for this Fiscal Year July 2023 – June 2024, please tell us the amount you plan to make as your regular contribution, and submit the Make Your Pledge Form below.
To pay your pledge for this Fiscal Year July 2023 – June 2024 you have several options. You may:
  • Schedule payments from your bank or financial institution
  • Mail checks to the church office (UUCWNC, 4313 Lake Ave., Wilmington, NC  28403)
  • Leave checks in the Sunday collection basket
  • Use our secure Online Donations platform

To ‘Pay Your Pledge’ today, please leave our website and go to our secure Online Donations platform.

Thank you sincerely. Your Pledge sustains us.