Religious EducationLifelong Faith Exploration for Adults

We invite you to join us on this lifelong journey that happens every day of the week, not just Sundays. Our beliefs affirm that there is no ‘one truth’, that everyone is on an ever evolving spiritual learning journey.  We are a vibrant, friendly, liberal religious community.  Together, we reflect on what matters most in life in a  welcoming and supportive space. 

All members and visitors are welcome to participate in Lifelong Faith Exploration religious education, workshops and events. Most LFE workshops are free, occasionally there is a nominal charge for materials. Childcare is provided at no charge; please indicate needs when you register for workshops. 

Lifelong Faith Exploration (LFE) for Adults

Welcome Classes

If you are new to Unitarian Universalism as a faith, or simply new to UUCWNC as your local church, we invite you to attend the Welcome Class, offered each Spring and Fall. You’ll learn about the history of UU’ism, the history of our local dynamic congregation, and how to get involved in our educational, social and volunteer activities. You’ll meet our minister and lay leaders to learn how this place runs. Class may include UU members, engaged in local, state and national social justice efforts, explaining their work and how you might get involved.  Membership is not required, but you’ll learn about the path to membership too.


QUEST discussion group

Quest reflects the Latin word Quaere, which means to search, to seek, and to question. Our QUEST discussion group invites you to join our journey of the mind and spirit, as we search, seek, and question. We look forward to learning your thoughts, feelings and questions about a range of topics while getting to know you and other participants on a deeper level. Upcoming topics for discussion, frequently based around an article or reading, are announced via email. There is no commitment to attend multiple sessions – you choose which one(s) to attend. Quest meets Sundays 9:15-10:15 A.M. in Dobkin Hall. For more information email

Year Around

Life Long Learning Workshops and Classes

Grow your soul by participating in adult and intergenerational workshops throughout the year.

To facilitate a workshop, or access vast resources please contact our LFE Director

  • To facilitate a workshop – we welcome members to share their expertise and interests.
  • Please let us know if you have a specific need that is not being met by current programming.
  • We have access to a vast library of curriculum and resources created and organized by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), and we are happy to help you progress on your path of spiritual learning.

Personal Spiritual Practices

Our Unitarian Universalism (UU) faith urges us to life long learning in order to comprehend and deepen our personal faith and truths. Since Unitarian Universalism is a creedless faith, many in our congregation maintain a personal, spiritual pattern of practice including:

  • a daily individual spiritual practice (prayer or meditation, reading for discernment, etc.)
  • a weekly communal worship (our Sunday morning worship service)
  • a monthly service provision (volunteering in the community)
  • a yearly retreat (traditional vacation or “quiet time” for reflection)
  • a lifetime pilgrimage (to any destination that has particular spiritual significance for you – as near as the beach, the mountains, or UUA headquarters in Boston; or as far as Israel or Tibet.

LFE Resources

UUCWNC’s Director of Lifelong Faith Exploration (DLFE) is eager to help you to develop, grow and renew your spiritual practices. Inspiring Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) materials include: children, youth and adult curriculum for Sunday school and workshops; an in-house publishing company that promotes books for insight; timely articles about current events of particular interest to UU’s; leadership development courses and more. Many online courses are available for individual study including in-depth UU theology and the philosophy of liberal religions – or any religion.

UUCWNC’s Director of Lifelong Faith Exploration is expert at navigating the abundance of resources to find a perfect match for your interests.  To learn more, please contact our DLFE at

We are dedicated to putting faith into action to build a peaceful, sustainable and just world, free from racism and hatred. To this end, the UU Justice Ministries offers a vast amount of Social Justice content. Our DLFE can help you discover the different UU interest groups (Side With Love, Riseup, UU Justice NC,  Economic JusticeEnvironmental JusticeRacial JusticeLGBTQ JusticeImmigrant JusticeDemocracy & Voting Rights and Reproductive Justice) the work they do, and how to get involved.

To Learn More please contact:

UUCWNC’s Director of Lifelong Faith Exploration at

for more information about our adult and youth religious education programming.