Annual Meetings

The Board of Trustees would like to remind all UUCWNC members of two upcoming Zoom meetings:

Our Annual Congregational Meeting will take place by use of Zoom on Sunday, June 7 at 11:30am, following a brief break after that morning’s service. Because the meeting is intended for members only, the login process may be a bit more complicated than on our typical Sunday morning; please be patient as we all gather together.

A big part of the Annual Meeting involves approving the new year’s budget, and folks sometimes have questions to ask and opinions to share. In anticipation of that, we have also scheduled an informational meeting for Q and A and discussion time (no action to be taken) one week prior to the Annual Meeting; Sunday, May 31 in that same 11:30am window.

As those dates draw nearer, members will receive additional information by email, giving further details on logging in, asking questions, voicing opinions and voting. Thanks for being flexible as we work our way through these sometimes trying times.

Tea Time

Our Zoom Room is open for tea time Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3pm. Bring a cup of tea or coffee or whatever your favorite beverage is and just spend a few moments together seeing and sharing with each other. *Beginning Monday, May 18 Tea Time will only be held on Tuesday’s & Thursday’s of each week.

Click Here to Attend