The Welcoming Ministry includes Hospitality, the Membership Team and the Congregational Life teams.


The Membership Ministry welcomes and invites visitors and friends to become part of the community of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Wilmington,  NC (UCWNC) by joining in membership. As part of the mission of the Membership Ministry, we strive to create interest in UUCWNC in a caring and informative matter.

Most people who are looking for a congregation usually have a certain need that might be either spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social or combinations of these. It is the responsibility of the Membership Ministry to guide guests and prospective members or friends toward fulfilling that need. So, we are always asking “what can we do for you”? We answer this by,

Making 1st time visitors feel welcomed and helping newcomers decide to join UUCWNC.
Where to look for the Membership Ministry:
The Welcome Table, located to the left of the entrance of the sanctuary, is staffed by a Membership team member every Sunday before and after each service. First time visitors, as well as repeat visitors and friends will find the Welcome Table to be the center for obtaining information concerning the UUCWNC in particular, Unitarian Universalism in general, and a resource for questions and concerns.
Path to Membership classes are held twice yearly, typically in October and April. The Membership team if responsible for holding these 3, 2 hour classes and will also be joined by leaders of UUCWNC including Rev. Cheryl. These classes are for visitors and non-members who are interested in learning more about Unitarian Universalist and the UUCWNC.

New Member Recognition service is held after the Path to Membership classes. Each new member is presented individually to the congregation for welcoming and is given some token of the UU faith, usually a book pertaining to Unitarian Universalism.
In addition to the above, the Membership Ministry schedules greeters for the Sunday morning services. Anyone can volunteer for this opportunity just by signing the Greeter Schedule log and reviewing the Greeter Guideline. It is the perfect “job” to meet people and become integrated into UUCWNC even before becoming a member.
A tri-annual pictorial member Directory is distributed to all members of UUCWNC by the Membership Ministry. It contains members’ pictures and demographic information as well as spouse, partner and/or children names. All information is with the approval of the member and discretions of the Membership Ministry and the minister.

It is the hope of the Membership Ministry that each and every new member feels welcomed and is eager to begin his/her membership at UUCWNC!

See you in church!!

Please contact either of these emails for additional information or questions regarding Membership Ministry activities:
membership @ or dianewhitt @


If gatherings at UUCWNC do not center around food and drink, delicious refreshments certainly add to our moments of sharing, caring and fellowship. A clean, functioning and organized kitchen makes it easy (and safe) for everyone to share culinary talents and smiles as we celebrate our milestones or just a Sunday morning coffee hour.
The Gift of Service Board lists volunteer opportunities for hospitality that are of short (one day of your choice) duration, and more extensive commitments – everything from preparing coffee on a Sunday morning (step-by-step instructions provided), to organizing a pot luck sign-up sheet for a special event, or requesting donated refreshments for the memorial service of a UUCWNC member. Set up and clean up help is most appreciated, and can be unbelievably fast, easy and fun when many hands share the task.

Congregational Life Ministry

We serve as a focal point for identifying and facilitating ongoing group
social and recreational activities which will serve to help members and friends
of the congregation to become more involved in the life of UUCWNC.

To see some of our current offerings visit the Community Life pages under the Connect tab.

We welcome new ideas and actively solicit them in as many ways as we can
think of. If you have an idea for an ongoing social or recreational activity that could have broad appeal in our congregation, you can propose it to us by contacting any member of the committee or ask to meet with us to explain your suggestion.
You may contact us at congregationallife @ for more information.