The Stewardship Ministry is broad in scope and heavy with the nuts and bolts that keep our Congregation running, as well as prepare us for future growth and improvements. Not all of our Stewardship Ministry members have accounting expertise – there is a sweet synergy that comes from balancing passionate numbers knowledge with a bright streak of creativity, marketing and FUN LOVING ideas coming from committed people who recognize that our community needs MONEY to do what we want to do!

Generous Life Team

The majority of financial support comes to the Congregation through pledges. The Generous Life Team works together to create a culture of generosity while providing information to members to help them determine their level of giving.

Finance Committee

The Treasurer leads the Finance team and creates the budget, which is then sent to the Board of Trustees for approval. The congregation will then
vote on the budget. The Finance committee is responsible for reconciliation.


The Endowment Team serves as a vehicle for Congregation Members and Friends to provide long term financial support to the Congregation. The team operates under By-Laws which specify that endowment funds shall be invested and accumulated until they reach a minimal amount. At that point, the Congregation may access the income from those funds to support Congregation projects such as capital improvements. Members may contribute to the Endowment directly or may provide funds through their will or estate plan, or through Charitable Remainder Trusts and other vehicles to maximize benefit to the Congregation, and minimize taxes for the Donor. Those interested may contact Dave Morison, Endowment Chair.


The Fundraising team identifies opportunities to raise general funds for the Congregation. They organize events for the congregation members and coordinate events to which the larger community is invited.

Space And Facilities

We are proud and fortunate to have the buildings and land that we may turn sacred with our worship practices. The Space and Facilities team helps us to recognize our shared ownership of our facilities, and to express our pride by working on its upkeep and improvement. Maintenance and improvement tasks for our buildings and grounds are broken into very manageable jobs, and you may sign up to help on the Stake Your Claim board in Dobkin Hall