Our Congregation is committed to justice, often collaborating with community partners such as the NAACP, You Can Vote, the Cash Bail Coalition, and the Frank Harr Foundation (a local LGBTQ umbrella group) among others.  We offer congregants opportunities to live our UU principles, furthering the cause of justice in our world through education, service, witness, and advocacy, often participating in local and state-wide marches, rallies, and meetings.

Click HERE for more information on our community partners and how to get involved in our social justice work


Share the Plate (STP) Each Sunday’s offering is shared with a worthwhile community-based organization. The STP Team encourages congregants to nominate organizations to receive the Congregation’s offering, reviews those nominations, and summarizes information about the selected group for the Order of Service.

Meeting Times: Mainly by email and phone on an as needed basis.

Time Commitment:  Commitment of at least one year is preferred. Team members take turns writing up the biweekly STP nominations for the Order of Service. Other tasks are divided among team members, so the time commitment varies.

Contact: stp@uucwnc.org


Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard (MHC) is an emergency food pantry.  Volunteers pack bags of groceries and pass them out to Mother Hubbard’s clients.  The pantry is located at 315 Red Cross St (in the old Carolina Furniture building). For more information go to:  www.motherhubbardsnc.org.

Twice a year MHC runs a food drive outside Harris Teeter grocery stores. Volunteers are needed for two-hour shifts collecting food from the customers as they leave the stores and to transport the collected food to MHC.  Other volunteers are needed to supervise teenagers who unload and sort the food.

Meeting Times: UUCWNC’s dedicated crew volunteers the first Wednesday of each month, 12:30-3:30 p.m. We need about 15 people for the 3-hour shift.

Time Commitment: Three hours a month.

Contact: Robin Gugan  robingugan@gmail.com

Ron Cochran  iamchemistron@gmail.com


Wilmington Interfaith Hospitality Network (WIHN a.k.a Family Promise) provides temporary housing for homeless families, transportation, and other services based on need.  Volunteers provide dinner for families, dropping off a full, completely cooked meal to the WIHN “Day Center” where the guests gather and eat.  This is a nurturing and loving way to give back to the community.  Cooks receive information about the numbers of guests and any food allergies. There is no obligation to prepare additional meals, however many find this so rewarding they volunteer a couple of times a year. 

Meeting Times:  No meetings

Time Commitment: This is a periodic service; an email goes out to the Congregation when help is needed.  It generally takes one to two hours to cook a meal and deliver it.

Contact: Jessica Holm jsholm58@gmail.com