Sunday School provides a vibrant program for children and youth, relying on volunteers to teach classes.  No Experience Necessary!  A vast library available through the UUA (Unitarian Universalist Association) provides helpful resources. Our Whole Lives (OWL) is an award-winning sex education and coming-of-age program for older teens, providing a special teaching opportunity. Share some spiritual nourishment with children and learn something too!

Meeting Times:

Time Commitment: Approximately three Sundays each month during the school year.

Contact: Leslie O’Connor, Director of Faith Formation (Religious Education)


Connections/Small Group Ministry recognizes that spiritual practice is enhanced by intentional relationships.  UUCWNC offers small group ministry opportunities each year. Groups of 10-12 members meet monthly for meaningful discussions about various topics such as ‘generosity,‘ ‘fear,’ and ‘soul.‘  Membership in these popular groups is closed after the initial enrollment period; confidentiality is a promise upheld. Look for announcements of open enrollment or check with Rev. Cheryl or Leslie O’Connor, Director of Faith formation.

Meeting Times: Usually held on a weekday evening. Daytime meetings are also possible.

Time Commitment: One 90-minute meeting per month over a six to nine month period.

Contact: Leslie O’Connor, Director of Faith Formation, for further information.


Quest invites you join a collective journey of the mind and spirit, honoring the Latin word Quaere which means to search, to seek, and to question. It provides a great opportunity to express your thoughts, feelings and questions about a range of topics while getting to know other participants on a deeper level.  The group discussion format welcomes participation. Upcoming topics are announced via email.

Meeting Times: Sundays 9:30-10:30 a.m. in Dobkin hall.

Time Commitment: Come whenever the spirit moves you!

Contact:  Heidi Kaufman