The Gifts of Service Ministry team members are the Service Coordinators who recruit people to lead our ministries, and makes sure that our volunteers are equipped with the tools and knowledge that they need to meet their goals and realize their vision.

We serve as a Nominating Committee, recruiting candidates for any elected positions – like Board of Trustee members. Service Coordinators are also responsible for publishing a ‘Volunteer Handbook’ that provides instructions on how to get things done around the congregation.

We keep track of all of the tasks – big and small, long term and short term – that need to be done, and handle the gifts of service that are offered by congregational members. We provide training that is spiritually-centered around Unitarian Universalist principles and we encourage growth and internal renewal of our volunteers.

If you would like more information about the Gifts of Service Ministry or would like to jump right on board to help others discover their passion and serve our community, please contact Leslie at:

Giftsofservice @